University of Wisconsin–Madison


The goal of our research group is to couple climate, hydrology, and management models and knowledge to reduce risks and promote sustainability of water resources for societal benefit.

Research Areas

The Water Systems & Society research group creatively addresses critical water resources management challenges in local to international trans-boundary capacities through stakeholder and decision-maker collaborations. We work at the intersection of engineering and socio-economics to enhance management, adaptation, and sustainability of water resources by leveraging across the sciences. Our research themes are centered on a systems-based approach, bridging models and methods across climate science, hydrology, management, the environment, economics, and policy.

Water resources decision-making at planning and design scales

Water resources adaptation for a changing world

Characterization of sub-seasonal extreme events

Current Research Projects

From Forecasts to Action (F2A): Enabling Proactive Societal Responses to Hydrological Extremes

Coordinating Water Markets and Critical Infrastructure Management to Build Community Resilience to Extreme Drought

Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Forecast of Hydro-Ecological Extremes in the Amazon Basin

CAREER: Leveraging Hydro-climatic Processes to Advance Season-ahead Cyanobacteria Prediction and Beach Management

Taming water in Ethiopia: An interdisciplinary approach to improve human security in a water-dependent emerging region

Recently Completed Research Projects

Flood Prediction to Support Advanced Disaster Preparedness and Public Health Risks: Understanding, Development, and Application

INFEWS: Understanding Multi-scale Resilience Options for Climate-Vulnerable Africa

Seasonal Prediction of HKH Hydrological Extremes with the South Asian Land Data Assimilation System

Seasonal Prediction of Hydro-Climatic Extremes in the Greater Horn of Africa under Evolving Climate Conditions to Support Adaptation Strategies