University of Wisconsin–Madison


Research Group Lead:

Paul Block, PhD, PE

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Affiliation: Center for Climatic Research

University of Wisconsin – Madison

1269D Engineering Hall

1415 Engineering Drive

Madison, WI 53706

Phone: (608) 263-8792
Fax: (608) 262-5199

Graduate Students:

Anke Keuser

PhD Student

M.S. – University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S. – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

B.S. – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Donghoon Lee

PhD Student

MS – Ajou University, Korea

BS – Ajou University, Korea

Personal webpage

Justin Delorit

PhD Student

MS – Air Force Institute of Technology

BS – Michigan Technological University

Sarah Alexander

MS Student

BA – Carleton College

Colin McGuire

MS Student

BS – University of Wisconsin – Madison

Undergraduate Students:

Thomas Treacy

Civil Engineering student at UW-Madison


Eric Mortensen

MS Degree

Thesis: Reducing stakeholder vulnerability to climate variability in southern Peru using statistically-based prediction and risk management tools

Solomon Tassew Erkyihun

Former Postdoc

Research – Optimization of large-scale hydropower in Ethiopia; influence of ENSO on Ethiopian agriculture

Currently: Demand Forecaster for Tampa Bay Water

Ying Zhang

PhD Degree

Thesis: Hydroclimatic prediction and projection to guide decision-making for agricultural planning, economic development, and reservoir filling in Ethiopia

Currently: Postdoc at Johns Hopkins University

Brian Zimmerman

MS Degree

Thesis: Utilizing the State of ENSO to Improve Probabilistic Seasonal Forecasts for Temperature and Precipitation

Currently: PhD graduate student at University of Washington

Caitlin Soley

MS Degree

Thesis: Cyanobacteria Abundance Modeling: Development and Assessment of Season-Ahead Forecasts To Improve Beach Management on Lake Mendota

Currently: Consulting Engineer with Mead and Hunt

Meron Teferi Taye

Former Postdoc

Research – Ethiopia climate change and Grand Renaissance Dam

Currently: Staff, Water and Land Resources Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Matthew Grzegorzewski

MS Degree

Thesis: Applying Season-ahead Streamflow Forecasts to Guide Reservoir Allocations for the Highland Lakes in Central Texas

Currently: Engineer at Brown and Caldwell, Portland, Oregon

Rabi Gyawali

Former Postdoc (with WI Dept of Natural Resources)

Research – Wisconsin streamflow and river islands under climate change

Currently: Research Engineer with USDA, El Reno, Oklahoma

Andrew King

MS Student (Drexel University)

Thesis: An Assessment of Reservoir Filling Policies under a Changing Climate for Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam

Currently: Engineer at Fairfax Water, Fairfax, Virginia

Kinman Leung

MS Student (Drexel University)

Thesis: Water Quality in the Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania: The Potential for Long‐Lead Forecasts

Currently: Engineer at Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

James Knuth

Civil and Environmental Engineering at UW-Madison

Junior Quintero

Computer Science at UW-Madison

Erin Katopodis

Undergraduate student at UW-Madison

Janel Paralez

Undergraduate student Loyola Marymount (CA); REU through Drexel University

Spencer Patton

Undergraduate student at UW-Madison

Senn Mettel

Undergraduate student at UW-Madison